We are technology-driven and conduct vigorous research in the low-latency space. Market-making is the facilitation of risk between the price and time domains. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage risks to the nanosecond, which allows us to quote tighter and deeper markets, and keep our limit orders in the market during extremely volatile times.
We trade principal and are Designated Market Makers (DMM) on a variety of high-volume crypto exchanges. We also advise, invest, and help build token projects by assisting them with our extensive market microstructure knowledge and perspective as users of their products and protocols.
as a Service_
Time Research provides market-making services for projects on both CeFi and DeFi exchanges. We provide day-1 bootstrapped deep limit orders on AMMs, DEXs, and centralized exchanges so you can focus on your product as a token project, or your customers as an exchange. We have an extensive network of affiliates and partners who are OGs in the space (like us) to help you succeed.